The Quintessential Drape

The quintessential drape, Sarees have been a part of the Indian culture since times immemorial. From the days when stitching was unheard of, women would drape long pieces of fabric with pleats to cover their bodies.

A simple means of clothing became an indispensable part of every woman’s wardrobe today. As styles progressed, new fabrics were discovered and a variety of surface ornamentation techniques came into play to create magic on the alluring six yards of pure grace.

A saree is as poetic as it gets, making movement easy and accentuating the silhouette of the woman’s body in waves and curves. Sarees have been known to mould according to the shape of the wearer, creating a style statement that is enchanting and memorable.

With these notions in mind, Mulmul is delighted to introduce you to their exclusive Pure Chiffon Saree collection featuring delicate embroidery and artistic Shibori in colour palettes that has you swooning for days. It hopes to become one of the best online saree shopping sites in India.

Pure Chiffon Sarees embellished with ditsy florals, dainty sequins and Zari work are your go-to must-haves for the spring-summer season. Subtle and solid hues, inspired by the traditional heritage of the Pink City, offer a great advantage of these sarees being equally modest and festive. 

With sunshine on its prime, the need for breezy and lightweight ensembles that keep you moving seamlessly from AM to PM called to us. Our sarees are an ideal wardrobe pick for all the daily moments, with their summery charm and breath-taking details. Fitting afternoon events and graceful soirées, these timeless six yards are flaunt-worthy and fashion-perfect. offers you a curated selection of pure Chiffon Sarees, from the comfort of your home.

Mulmul: weaving gossamer dreams for you.