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Article: How To Care for Your Favourites by Mulmul

How To Care for Your Favourites by Mulmul

How To Care for Your Favourites by Mulmul

At Mulmul, we design and curate a wide range of classic and luxury pieces in sync with some of the best fashion trends across the globe. Taking cues from our heritage roots of ancient artisanal skills, we adorn our ensembles with precious and delicate patterns that often call for a little extra love and maintenance. 

Cotton fabric is highly absorbent and is a preferred choice for summer months. As we tend to sweat more during summers, Mulmul offers a wide range of outfits and silhouettes designed to ensure comfort, style and versatility. Our collection includes authentic indigo, tie & dye and traditional Bandhani on cotton - perfect wardrobe must-haves for the warmer months. 

Along with pure cotton, our collection also includes ethnic occasion wear and party-ready ensembles in luscious chiffon and silk fabric, which are both lightweight, airy and easy to style for any time of the day. 

Our fabrics are selected with detailed consideration to design and trends as well as post-purchase maintenance. However, with time, there may be certain issues that occur due to washing, regular wear & tear and storage. We understand that it may be tricky to care for your Mulmul favourites but worry not, we have articulated a list of homely tips that you can use to keep your outfits in the best condition throughout the year.


Dresses made of Rayon Slub, Cotton, Polyester and Georgette:

  1. Read the wash care labels attached to your clothes before washing them. If unsure or label not attached, stick to cold water and wash with like-colours only.
  2. Gentle hand wash separately in cold water with mild/liquid detergents.
  3. If using a washing machine, it is advisable to run the load on a delicate cycle followed by a low spin cycle.
  4. Avoid soaking for too long as this may lead to colour bleed, shrinkage or loss of sequins/embellishments (if any).
  5. Avoid rubbing the fabric too harshly or using harsh detergent soaps and powders.
  6. Machine drying is not recommended. It is advisable to air dry in a shaded area.

Chiffon, Organza and Silk Sarees:

Sarees are known for their versatility, from glamorous to traditional, quirky and casual, sarees can be worn for a multitude of occasions. However, as decadent as the saree may be, they are also delicate pieces and require a little extra TLC based on their fabric and embellishments.

  1. We always advise to have your Mulmul Sarees dry-cleaned only.
  2. If washing Chiffon Sarees at home, a quick dip in lukewarm water with a mild liquid detergent should be enough to refresh it. Always dry it in a shaded area and never let it hang for a long period of time.
  3. Organza Sarees are more prone to damage if not properly maintained. These sarees must always be dry cleaned and kept wrapped in a soft muslin cloth. Avoid hanging them for long periods and keep refolding them every now and then to prevent tears and creases.
  4. Silk Sarees are quite expensive and equally tricky to maintain. It is best to keep them wrapped in layers of soft muslin cloth that prevents moisture from damaging a delicate silk saree. Always opt for dry cleaning for Silk Sarees. 
  5. Avoid directly ironing your Sarees. You may use a garment steamer to remove light wrinkles and creases.

Kurtis and Kurta Sets:

  1. For Georgettes and Satins, hand washing is the best and safest method.
  2. If choosing to machine wash, run the delicate cycle with cold water along with a low spin round.
  3. For Muslin garments in the washing machine, use a mild liquid detergent and fabric softener in cold water. You may soak the garment for 10-15 prior to washing. Avoid heavy spinning, instead opt for natural air drying.


As we have a fusion of fabrics for all seasons, our Lehengas have multiple styles, prints and patterns that make them a unique choice in this festive season. With a wide range of selections of block prints, bandhej, embroidered motifs and indigo, Mulmul offers a unique and exclusive range of ensembles for the festive season. 


Our Lehengas are crafted with an ethnic touch using age-old handcrafting techniques making it imperative to maintain the outfit over the years. We recommend dry cleaning all our Lehenga sets, rather than conventional washing in a machine. The work on our lehengas may not be able to withstand the friction in a standard home washer and dryer. Dry cleaning preserves the desirable qualities of many fabrics and helps to prevent shrinking and stretching.


  1. Muslins are predominantly luxurious and inherently smooth. It is preferable to steam iron them for a long lasting life. If you do not have a steam iron, sprinkle some water and lightly iron the fabric to avoid any damage.
  2. DO NOT wring or twist your Satin clothing as it will cause it to lose its shape. Satin items should be ironed on a medium/light setting, with no steam. Iron the items inside-out with quick strokes, never allowing the iron to linger too long on any one spot. Extremely delicate satin should only be dry-cleaned to avoid damage.
  3. We recommend steam ironing to be the best and safest for our georgette-based outfits. If ironing, use the lowest temperature setting and iron on the inside-out side of the fabric. A pressing cloth between the iron and item is recommended.


Our team hopes you enjoy your outfits as much as we loved creating them. Care for them and they will last you a long time.

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